Mike McTiernan
 —  (510) 325-4776

Programmer. Engineer. Badass.

My name is Michael McTiernan. When I was six years old, I started teaching myself BASIC. Decades later, I'm a full-stack engineer, product strategist, and technologist, specializing in Javascript, PHP, Python, Ruby, and UX. I continue to approach programming with the same passionate curiousity I had when I was a child — I am constantly educating myself. Currently, I'm learning more about OpenGL and game development.



Contract Engineer & Product Strategist to

I've left the 9-5 for a much more sensible 24/7. I love being able to work with a wide variety of teams and developers. I provide contract engineering and guidance for start-ups and there's nothing I love more than seeing a company I helped get launched and funded.

My client roster includes Yahoo!7, PubNub, NOOK, Mattr, and Trailerpop.


Director of Engineering, SF to

In January 2012, Function(x) acquired Loyalize to offer alongside its inaugural product, Viggle. Since then, I helped develop solutions to power Fango, one of the most popular iOS apps in Australia as well as real-time gaming experiences for the Grammys, NBA All-Star Game, Oscars, and Daytona 500.


Chief Architect to

Loyalize was an audience participation company that provided white-label services for brands and content providers to engage nationwide audiences during live TV shows, sporting events, and political debates using real-time gaming.

I was primarily in charge of architecting and engineering the platform's REST APIs using Python, Tornado, PHP, Apache, nginx, Redis, and Elastic Search. I helped lead the engineering team to creating massively scalable real-time gaming experiences broadcast live on SPIKE TV as well as creating custom mobile applications for Motorola and Yahoo!7.

Trusted Opinion

Software Engineer to

Trusted Opinion was a social recommendation engine — a social network that provided users with recommendations from their friends and experts that they trust. I was hired in August 2009 as part of their new American team, tasked with rebuilding the primarily Java-based web-site with PHP, Memcache, and MySQL. After a successful relaunch and high-fives all around, I focused on providing ideas and strategy for new features as well as enhancements and modifications for existing ones.


Implementation Director to

My work at Percepticon mainly focused on organizing and deploying custom-made web applications for companies such as Chevron, Johnson & Johnson, Babcock & Brown, and Bedrock using Corespin, Percepticon's enterprise technology platform.

References readily available upon request.