McTiernan Software

Michael McTiernan

Software Architect

Scrum Master

Engineering Manager


10+ year veteran of start-ups, digital agencies, and Fortune 100 companies. Consistently leads software teams to greatness and knows how to ship software.


(510) 325-4776


Ruby, Node, Python, PHP

Angular, React, Backbone

Javascript, ES6, TypeScript

Docker, Chef, Ansible, Jenkins, AWS

Swift, Android, Phonegap, React Native

TDD, BDD, Extreme Progamming

Agile, Scrum, Kanban

Jira, Asana, Pivotal

Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

Work Experience

Contract Software Architect & Engineer

August 2007 — Present

I provide technical consulting services running the gamut from creating scalable backend REST APIs, to developing beautiful user interfaces, to providing guidance in how to make software engineering teams more effective, to mentoring start-up founders. My client roster includes such notables as Yahoo!7, Barnes & Noble NOOK, Chevron, Johnson + Johnson, PubNub, Radian Generation, Mattr, Skyrockit, and Trailerpop.

Engineering Manager @ Kickback Points

January 2017 — Present

I oversee an engineering department consisting of three scrum teams and about 15 engineers. One of the big things I was tasked with at Kickback was to reinvigorate the Agile process and get developers more engaged with their work. I tackled vast refactoring of severely out-of-date codebases, codified new coding standards, and dramatically increased code coverage. I took over the role of ScrumMaster on the largest scrum team at Kickback in about March of 2017 and have enjoyed coaching the team in Agile best practices and helping them create processes that work for them.

Tech: Python, PHP, Ruby, React, Angular, MySQL, Postgresql, Redis, MongoDB, Docker

Senior Software Engineer @ YouEye

August 2014 — October 2015

I helped build a highly scalable REST API, video streaming servers, mobile applications for iOS and Android, as well as a mobile SDK for third-party developers. Led efforts to create rich user experiences as part of the administrative portal for our clients. Oversaw improvements to our systems operations, including set-up of automated deployments and mobile application builds in Jenkins.

Tech: Ruby on Rails, Swift, Android, Angular, Postgresql, Docker, Jenkins

Director of Engineering @ Viggle

January 2012 — March 2012

I was brought on to Viggle after they acquired my previous company, Loyalize. I served for three months as the Directory of Engineering to oversee the successful transition of team members and technology, as well as provide product strategy for how Viggle could leverage the technology behind Loyalize.

Chief Architect @ Loyalize

October 2010 — December 2011

I led the engineering effort to architect and build out massively scalable REST APIs that would power real-time social games centered around live television. I oversaw software teams in both San Francisco and Los Angeles, created custom web application frameworks in both PHP and Python to fit our scale, developed a custom API testing framework called McTest, and built a autoscale-testing framework called PartyAnimal. Loyalize went from MVP to getting acquired within a 9 month span.

Tech: Python, PHP, Node, Redis, Elastic Search, Phonegap